IROS 2010 Workshop

Ubiquitous Networking Robotics: an approach for Human-Robot Interaction

October 22 (full day), 2010
Taipei, Taiwan
to be held in conjunction with IROS 2010

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Motivation and objectives

In previous workshops, we have invited key persons from various regions to discuss the current status and future direction of "network robot systems". This has enabled us to clarify the fundamental research areas pertaining to network robot systems. The first objective is the continuation of this community building effort, by bringing together key people.

In addition to community building, the proposed workshop will place special emphasis on the real-world human-robot interaction. Previous research work with "network robot systems" has revealed its rich capability for human-robot interaction in the real world. There are mainly two directions: one is using distributed robots and ubiquitous sensors that are coordinated through networking; the other is using tele-operated robots for communication purposes. A possible future scenario in the second direction can be seen in the recent motion picture Surrogates (2009), where the near-future world is covered with tele-operated androids. In both cases, such techniques will be widely spread to our daily-use where human-robot interaction is considered as a required and necessary function. For example, it might be a good tool for assisting elderly people, or, on the other hand, it might enable elderly people to participate more in our daily life.

Reflecting the growth of this research community, this direction of research is now supported by many governments, and several initial "network robot systems" have been built in Japan, Europe, and Korea. It is notable that one of the largest funding in robotics in Japan is devoted to "network robot systems". The workshop will have a panel discussion to help initiate and share a path towards a global standard, in particular related to human-robot interaction techniques.


Workshop Program (PDF File)

Important Dates

Camera-ready version due (for invited speakers): August 8
Workshop: October 22


Norihiro Hagita
ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Japan

Alberto Sanfeliu
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Osaka University, Japan

Takayuki Kanda
ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Japan